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Our Team

On this page, you will be introduced to the people and the studio that makes it all happen! Davy Pottery could not be placed in fine shops and galleries across the USA if it were not for the assistance of these folks. We will give you a studio tour as we picture our employees at work.

The studio is located on Susan Davy's paternal grandparent's farmstead in rural North Dakota. It was built by Susan's father, husband, and architect brother in 1982. As Susan's business grew, a first and then second addition to the original building were necessary. The studio now houses three electric bisque kilns and two propane glaze firing gas kilns, and still we barely have room to work!

The pottery we sell is formed in several different ways. We use the potter's wheel as our main tool, the slab roller for some of the bakers and trays, and a 30-ton studio hydraulic press. There are currently 56 different pieces in the High Plains Stoneware line...with 5 glaze choices on each piece!!

This high-fire stoneware line evolved over a period of years, as do most things in pottery. In the year 2000 the decision was made to purchase a 113 cu. Ft. propane kiln that was built in the Netherlands. It fires (to 2,365 degrees Fahrenheit) with a computer helping to make hundreds of adjustments in the reduction firing process. Davy Pottery was the seventh studio in the USA to install the Blaauw Kiln. This kiln has helped to increase production so that the demand for the pottery can be met in a timely fashion.

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